Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why its a NO ?

still remember,
the first time i text you?
still remember you asked me to support you during SAF?
when you text me late at night? force me to sleep because i study too hard
and refuse to sleep?
remember when you call me that day you said you cant sleep
and suddenly when we're talking its azan?
do you still remember i ran from you?
remember you always crave for my attention? Call me every night?
always care.
remember you send a long text that make me smile?
when i rejected you and you cry?
when we first met?
and the night..
our study week..
i know all the answer would be NO.
i know i have lost you a long time ago.
why cant i accept the reality?
and now
here i am. alone. again.
Ya Allah kuatkan hati aku.cekal dan tabahkan hati aku Ya Allah.
Sesugguhnya tanpa engkau di sisi aku tak sekuat hari ini.

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