Sunday, November 17, 2013

Break into pieces

Get used to it.
I have got lot of things to think.
What do you expected from me?

Those sentences are still fresh, clear and
It keep repeating in my mind and heart its
Still feel the same pain.

You're selfish. You've hurt me trillion of time
With your words.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hati ini telah hancur.
Hancur Berkecai.
Semua gara gara engkau.
Di saat Hati ini sedang kembali bertaut,
kau musnahkan segalanya.
Kau kabarkan kepada semua,
antara kita telah tamat,
sedangkan sebenarnya,
aku dan engkau masih bersama.

Apa kau ingat hati dan perasaan itu
saidina, sahiba, karom ?
Kau kejam.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


syukur Ya Allah,
dugaanmu begitu besar
terhadap diri ini.
aku masih mampu tersenyum,
dengan adanya insan insan yang aku sygi di sisi,
terima kasih untuk kekuatan ini ya allah.
aku yakin derita ini akan pergi jua 
satu hari nanti.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why its a NO ?

still remember,
the first time i text you?
still remember you asked me to support you during SAF?
when you text me late at night? force me to sleep because i study too hard
and refuse to sleep?
remember when you call me that day you said you cant sleep
and suddenly when we're talking its azan?
do you still remember i ran from you?
remember you always crave for my attention? Call me every night?
always care.
remember you send a long text that make me smile?
when i rejected you and you cry?
when we first met?
and the night..
our study week..
i know all the answer would be NO.
i know i have lost you a long time ago.
why cant i accept the reality?
and now
here i am. alone. again.
Ya Allah kuatkan hati aku.cekal dan tabahkan hati aku Ya Allah.
Sesugguhnya tanpa engkau di sisi aku tak sekuat hari ini.

just like season. people. they change.

Don't expect too much.
Distract yourself.
Do the things you never do before.
Be happy.
Stay happy.
Stay strong.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A sunshine.

you know what hurt and what worst than heartbroken?
seeing a married couple with kids divorced.
not them. but the kids.
how about the kids?
what if it happens to you?
what if you're in their shoes?
seeing your parent not like they used to be.
you see them unhappy anymore.
a two years old girl.
and an eight years old boy.
please be safe my love.
please grow up healthy and happy.
things will get better.
you mean the world.
you are everything.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

dig in.

'people want to kill themselves because they want to end the pain'

I once told myself,
not to fall again. but Allah why you did this to me,
why did you put me in this situation again? Ya Allah help me go through this Ya Allah,
Ya Allah, you have give me everything and alhamdulillah that is more than enough,
but Ya Allah aku memohon kepada engkau berilah aku hati yang tenang, hati yang bahagia,
Berilah aku kekuatan Ya Allah, kuatkan hati aku Ya Allah. 
Ampunkan dosa dosa aku Ya Allah.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ya Allah,
mungkin inilah balasan engkau terhadap dosa dosa besarku dulu,
ya allah,
cuma satu yg aku inginkan ampunkan dosa dosa aku,
berilah aku kekuatan ya allah,
aku tahu aku kuat, aku ada engkau,
ya allah terlalu berat, sakit dan sedih ya allah.
aku merayu ya allah, ampunkan dosa dosa aku ya allah.

Monday, September 9, 2013


pergilah jika engkau bukan milikku lg.
thanks for the two months.wonderful lovely and such a beautiful months.

Monday, September 2, 2013


tell me,
How can you live without a mother's prayer?

lucky girl, I am.

I'm blessed.
Thanks Allah for every single thing in my life.
It's beyond perfect.
Born as Muslim, Ya Allah how grateful i am.
Thanks for the awesome thing happened to me,
i'm blessed and i couldn't ask for more.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


hati bukan teka teki,
bukan juga teka silang kata,
bukan kiub rubik.

awak ada hati kan? awak tahukan rasa pecah hati?

Hargailah org yg syg awak.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Awak ingt senang jd perempuan? kalau tak pandai siang ikan, masak masak lemak cili api tak berketul ketul, kari la rendang la siang ayam, siang sotong punya kulit. awak ingt senang? kalau tak pandai nnt kau kena banned dgn mak mertua bila dah besar. Awak ingt belajar tinggi tinggi nnti xpayah pegang senduk? cikgu kau. mampus lari laki hang ikut bibik indonesia. jadi perempuan sgtlah susah lebih lebih lagi bila kau beli buku online dah siap bayar si owner tak reti reti nak post. Nampak x susah jadi perempuan? tu je point dia sebenarnya.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heart beat just the same.

Hello there c:
6 months ago I've successfully and proudly deleted my blog. but nah for me a short girl with many many things in her head with stupid and useless fact tell me how can i go a day without writing? god bless thanks Google for the auto correct spelling cause there're too many spelling errors that i made innocently maybe. So, tomorrow is the last day of Ramadhan *shedtears*. I'm way toooooo excited cause i'm going back to mah hometawn please dont correct mah spelling google. 

s e l a m e t h a r i r a y e !